I are currently pretty booked but I do have a couple of great new great therapists working with me. Michele Michaelson does both couples and individuals- Michele. Ryan Plasch is available for individual therapy- Ryan. If you are a previous client, please shoot me an email- always room for you!

Maureen Campion, MS LP  

Psychologist and Relationship Expert

6607 18th Avenue S #201  Richfield MN 55423

SET APPOINTMENT       612-483-3487

If you are looking for marriage counseling I recommend these resources.

Ellie Family Services

BOTH/AND Resources

If you are looking for help with postpartum depression or anxiety please check
Pregnancy & Postpartum Support Minnesota for a referral.

Individual and Relationship Counseling, Areas of Focus:

  • Relationship struggles both individually or together
  • Communication, anger and conflict resolution
  • Infidelity, trust issues in relationships
  • Adjustment to parenthood, parenting issues
  • Anxiety, depression, stress management
  • Postpartum issues, birth trauma, loss
  • Step parenting issues
  • Nontraditional relationships
  • Family of origin issues

Counseling FAQ

Do you take insurance?  What are your fees?

I charge $130/hr for individual therapy, $150 for couples, $175 for the  intake session.  I am covered by most insurance companies.  Please call your provider to check on your coverage.  Counseling is usually covered just like doctors visits- you pay either your co-pay or deductible.  If your insurance does not cover me, you may want to consider using your out of network benefits.  I am also willing to offer a discount for cash if you do not have insurance coverage.  Please drop me a note to discuss this.

What about marriage counseling? Does insurance cover this?
In most cases, if your insurance coverage includes mental health coverage, we can use this  for marital work.  The chart will need to be opened in one person’s name and require a mental health assessment.

What should I expect the first time?
In the first session, I will focus on creating a  plan and establishing goals for our work together.  The intake forms online will help me get some background information. From here I get a sense of how things are and what might be most helpful. It is also a chance for you to ask me questions and make certain that you feel I am a fit for your needs.

Should I come alone or bring my partner?
In all relationships, there is the “yours, mine and ours” of the situation.  If the goal is primarily to work on the relationship, then I suggest you come in together the first time.  I often suggest a individual session with each partner following the first session.  If one of you would benefit from some private work, we can either arrange that either with me or another therapist.

What if my partner isn’t open to coming?
Therapy isn’t easy for everyone.  Some people fear that they will be blamed or therapy will make things worse or that we will simply fight in session.  I can certainly understand how tough it can be.  Often it is possible to simply invite your partner to come to one session and make sure that we are working on goals they support.

What will you tell my partner about what I tell you?
I will not be able to help couples who are not being open with each other.  If there is something that you reveal to me in therapy that you are not willing to share with your partner, I will not be able to see you for couple’s therapy but will work  with you on finding a solution to getting the help that you desire.

How frequent is therapy scheduled and long does therapy last?
I usually suggest seeing people every other week although certainly during tough times it is possible to see people weekly.  Depending on the issues or your interest, it is possible to do therapy for a few months and then either be done or take a break.  On the other hand if you find therapy helpful and it works for you, therapy can continue regularly as long as you choose.

What do you mean by being “pro-marriage”?
I believe in taking a pro-marriage stance.  I know that most people want to find a way to save their relationship and that a healthy, lifelong marriage is good for individuals, families and communities and I support a couple’s original commitment to their marriage unless there is a compelling reason not to.  I believe that some marriages are toxic and dangerous.  I do not promote marriage blindly but rather respect the dignity and safety of both partners and their children. I also know that divorce doesn’t destroy kids or families and that there are lots of ways to continue to care for each other and your kids if divorce becomes necessary.

Are you a religious/Christian counselor?
I do not consider myself a religious or Christian counselor. I do bring my personal social justice beliefs to my work.  I support and respect my client’s values and beliefs and work to create solutions inside of their principles.  I certainly feel comfortable supporting the values that you bring to your relationship.

Do you have experience with LGBQT couples?
I consider myself a LGBQT affirming therapist.  I support all couples in creating powerful committed relationships.

Do you work with people who have nontraditional romantic relationships?
I work to support people in having a life that works for them, without judgment.  I know that it can be very difficult to ask for support when you fear being judged about your choices. If you have questions about this, please feel free to drop me a note and we can discuss the situation.

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