More Stuff I Wish Men Knew…about Themselves

Brene Brown said- “Shame corrodes the very part of us that believes we are capable of change.” This got me thinking about my favorite topic- how to be more helpful to men, who don’t like therapy, who don’t like self help or parenting books, who don’t share their struggles easily and who are the ones […]

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Emergency Husband Alert Network

Please share. As 96% of my readers are female it is going to take some effort to reach the super secret husband network. If your children are old enough to have jobs and cars- ignore this warning. Those kids are on their own. If your children are not old enough to drive to Target-please pay […]

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Hard Lessons and Learning to Apologize

This week I learned a hard lesson.  After what felt like a great Parenting Genius Bar, I was forwarded a FB post by one of the participants about me, not naming me…and so hurt. I feel like I have been walking around using the N word or something and someone called me out. This mother […]

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How Do You Think People End Up Divorced?

I have been working with a client who is increasingly disappointed in her husband’s behavior- which at times feels emotionally abusive or sabotaging. The other day she had one of those wonderful “aha” moments- “I used to think that people got divorced because they wanted to get divorced. I am going to end up divorced […]

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Building a Strong Home Base…because the people you love make you crazy

Joey and I had a rough morning. He missed the bus because he was bugging his brother and his new amazing Nike socks actually take time to get on and his glasses weren’t where he left them. He was screwing around and teasing me. He was being 13. I as trying to get both boys […]

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What is it exactly that I “do”?

Full disclosure- I am double dipping. This is my homework. My assignment-  “A Final Narrative Personal/Professional Identity Paper summarizing how the (Kenwood Narrative Therapy) Certificate Program may have helped you re-author your personal/professional identity.” 6 months ago I signed up for this course because I was bored, fussy, stuck.  I was mostly trying to figure […]

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Spring Fever and I’ve got Sex on the Brain

(Honestly reading and loving American Savage- Dan Savage 2014 helps as much as the sun does.) Sex is important to relationships. It is. I kind of wish I could tell you it isn’t a big deal but it is right up there with sleep and food.  Of course since most people in our culture are totally […]

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Motivation… or How Do You Get Them to be Good?

I saw this great post about motivation- mainly about how money only works on some tasks and doesn’t necessarily motivate us the way we think it does. Check it out…or skip it and let me tell you what I think… Understanding human motivation is the core of parenting. All this stuff about punishment, consequences, […]

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Sorry- I suck at matchmaking

Occasionally and only rarely, I end up seeing a couple who are in the early stages of their relationship- still deciding if they want to commit/marry. I have to warn them, I am really great at helping couples deepen their commitment, repair relationship damage, help people come to a decision about the recommitting or ending […]

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Great Parenting Advice is Great Marriage Advice

I share tons of articles on Facebook each week. For every “how to have a great marriage” article I find, I can find 10 “how to be a great parent” article. I branded myself “the Marriage Geek” but find it easier to show people how to be with their kids then it is to be […]

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