Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Winter Schedule

All my workshops are available as speaking engagements at schools, churches or community groups. Please contact me for options for having me offer one for your group.


Positive Parenting for a Happy Family

Monday February 19th 6:30-8 pm Richfield

Discover how to use “The Force” of relationship and connection rather than getting pulled into “The Dark Side” of control and power. Get some new ideas about parenting and discipline that respect both your child’s needs and your own.

This class focuses on early childhood needs, 3-9. We will look at our own stressors as parents, and develop options for increasing the level of cooperation and effectiveness without punishment or yelling (most of the time!).

Plan on having dinner or a beer at the American Legion and make the evening a date!

Staying Sane and Connected through Adolescence

Saturday March 3rd 2:30-4 pm Richfield
Moods, hormones, attitude, friends, freedom, crushes, experimentation, technology, bullying, smoking…. what did I miss? Just when you thought you were getting the hang of this parenting stuff, your kids turn into pre-teens and it is a new game. Come work on creating your own philosophy for the second decade of parenting. No easy answers but some wonderful new tools.
Primarily for parents of kids 8-13

Emotionally Coaching Kids Through Big Feelings

Tuesday March 13th 6:30-8 pm Richfield
A significant task of parenting is teaching and modeling emotional intelligence for our children. The problem for most of us is facing our own struggles with healthy emotional expression. Whether you struggle with anger or worries or don’t know what to do with temper tantrums, come gain some understanding about the power and value of creating an emotionally responsive family.

This class focuses primarily on children 3-9

Coaching Good Sibling Relationships

Sunday March 18th 3-4:30 pm Richfield

Are your kids’ bickering making you blow your stack? What are you supposed to do when your kids fight? How serious is it? How do you avoid making it worse?

Strong sibling relationships can be supported by our parenting or we can simply add fuel to the fire.

Whether they are still little or you are worried that it is too late, come get some great skills, and a fresh perspective on parenting your kids to live together respectfully.

Stop Yelling   (Begging, threatening and flipping out too)

Tuesday April 10th 6:30-8 pm Richfield

Are you frustrated with yourself for losing it with the kids? Do you have visions of being serene and calm but instead end up grumpy or frustrated…every day? Do you feel like your kids are numb to you yelling or don’t listen until you do? Does your partner keep giving you “the look” because you over reacted…again?

Many of us are committed to positive parenting in theory but the practice of it is more challenging than we ever imagined.

Down and dirty tips and tricks for not losing your shit…or losing your shit less often and recovering more quickly.

Heal Your Birth Story…because not every woman gets the birth that she wants

Saturday April 14th 2-5 Marriage Geek office Richfield

This workshop is designed to support mothers who have experienced a difficult birth or feel they have experienced birth trauma or have struggled to resolve their experience of birth.

This is a safe space for women to share and heal, while learning about trauma and new coping skills.The workshop will include time for reflection, discussion and other exercises led by a psychologist and survivor. Leave feeling supported, empowered and more at peace with your birth. Maureen Campion’s book “Heal Your Birth Story” published in 2015 has helped women around the world take charge of their own healing.

“Connecting with other women and realizing that I wasn’t alone was very healing for me. This workshop created a safe space for me to say some things that I was afraid to say. Also, allowing me to hear the experience of others and being able to share my experience was a step toward letting go of some of the pain around my first birth.” Aileen Larson

Future Offerings/Speaking Opportunities

Amazing Marriage 101

My Most Popular Class- This is a 90-minute workshop for anyone who’s in a committed relationship. It’s especially helpful for couples who are parenting young children — a rewarding task, of course, but also one that really takes it toll on a relationship.

The research confirms that marital satisfaction takes a hit when the kids are little. It’s a tough time for family balance and often our marriages can end up on the back burner. What does it take to create an amazing marriage?

Come check out this positive, entertaining look at what makes marriage tick. This one will really help you figure out what’s normal and what you can aim for in a marriage+kids.

Heal Your Birth Story for Professionals

While we know how joyous and beautiful birth can be, we also know that about 10-15% of women experience something traumatic at birth. Birth trauma impacts mothers, babies and those that care for them. Maureen Campion, author of Heal Your Birth Story has been offering  her workshops for nearly 10 years and offers compassionate and effective tools to support both survivors and the professionals that work in this field. Come delve into the tough emotions around birth and explore your own experiences of trauma while looking at healing and transforming the stories we carry around birth.

Appropriate for doulas, midwives, therapists, medical staff, anyone who works with women around birth.

Good Fighting in the Land of Ole and Lena

Minnesotans are tough- we handle below zero and ice storms that shut down the rest of the country. We never take the last cookie on the plate or impose on people by inviting them to our homes. We never want anyone to be uncomfortable. Honestly, we get that Minnesota Nice sometimes requires lying to people… for their own good.

Honestly, doing marriage counseling for 15 years in Minnesota, if a couple comes into my office expressing their frustration out loud, I usually ask where they’re from. Because when we fight with our partners it is a very quiet fight. Sulking and seething are more our style.

Want to fight? Want to increase your ability to tackle tough conversations, deepen the intimacy and honesty in your relationship? Want to go back and talk about those things you have just stopped talking about? This one’s for you. Open to non-Minnesotans too! Equal opportunity better communication!

No screaming. No name calling. Just creating a plan to have better, smaller, more productive arguments because you care deeply about your relationship.

Compassionate and Authentic Self Care- A Retreat for Caregiving Professionals….who are also mothers

Perfect for midwives, therapists, nurses, teachers, doulas, …if you’re stress from work is too much like your stress at home you are at risk for burn out. Compassion fatigue is caused by empathy. It is the natural consequence of stress resulting from caring for and helping traumatized or suffering people.

Before we can take care of ourselves we must look honestly at our needs and how our work and family are meeting or not meeting those needs. Authentic self care is more than taking a day off or getting a massage. It requires listening for and responding to your deep hungers. Join me for a day of meditation, journaling and discussion about checking our expectations as caregivers. Explore new ways of combating burn out, mother guilt and fill our own tanks.

Secrets Great Husbands Know

Want to be a better husband, partner, lover, parent? Not sure why it isn’t nearly as easy as you thought it would be? Want to be more emotionally available? More of a team player? Therapist and marriage counselor Michele Michaelson shares the best research on sex, marriage, gender roles and creating powerful relationships in today’s complex world. Guys only space this time. Limited to 8. Lots of great tips, valuable information and time to ask questions. More info-

Holiday Survival Compassionate Mothering

Mothering is a tough and often thankless job. We want peace and joy but the holidays can be stressful. Parenting with compassion starts with being gentle with yourself. Join me for a day of meditation, journaling and discussion about checking our expectations of what being a good mother means especially as the holidays draw near. Explore new ways of combating mother guilt and filling our own tanks.We will meet in the yoga space at Roots Community Birth Center. Dress comfortably, bring a lunch, we’ll take breaks but meet the whole time. Questions? Requests? Let me know-

Compassionate Mothering Fill Your Own Tank

Mothering is a tough and often thankless job. Parenting with compassion starts with being gentle with yourself. Join me for a day of meditation, journaling and discussion about checking our expectations of what being a good mother means. Explore new ways of combating mother guilt and filling our own tanks.

Parenting in Partnership   

What does “being on the same page” or “backing each other up” or even “consistency” mean when parents have different personalities, different values and different styles of parenting?

Most couples begin to establish their roles and expectations in their parenting partnership by the time the baby is 5 months old. Class appropriate for parents of kids of all ages!

What’s your plan? What are your concerns? Come get ideas about starting off right, parenting together for a lifetime.

Going it Solo- Powerful Single Parenting    

I raised my first son by myself and I know that however you came to single parenting, it comes with unique challenges. Lets talk about how to create a vision for being the kind of parent you want to be by building healthy relationships with your kids. Topics include- decision making, discipline, dating, dealing with your kids other parent.. shoot me an email if there is something else you want me to cover.

Whatever Happened to the Girlfriend I Used to Be

With kids, long term relationships and aging many women struggle to understand what happened to their sex drive. This workshop provides a safe, open place to learn to reclaim and redefine your own sexuality through life’s changes. Sorry- only ladies this time.

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