Be with Your Kid Now

Mindfulness- “the intentional, accepting and non-judgmental focus of one’s attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment”. Very simple and oh so hard. Mindful parenting comes from that zen, centered place where we can respond with patience and an open heart. Simple… and hard.   Mindful parenting is being with your […]

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Target is selling a bunch of pink crap…guess what that means?

I share so many great posts on Facebook but sadly, the way FB works, most people don’t see them unless you go looking. Wanting parenting or marriage support- check out my page. I read tons of stuff and only pass on the best. This 5 minute video- actually a hair care ad by Proctor […]

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You are Not a Good Liar!

You are a terrible liar. At least I hope you are. People that are good liars are rare and kind of dangerous. I hear it everyday- people not wanting other people to think something, know something about them. Hiding the things that we don’t think others will like. When people try to hide stuff from […]

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Get a Better Story, You Choose the Path

My job is often to help couples find a better story about their relationship. There are stories that lead to divorce. There are stories that keep us stuck. There are stories in which we are powerless victims. There are also stories of growth, of recovery, of learning what it is to be in a powerful […]

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Just Remember to Breathe!

Happy 2015! I hope today finds you well, rested and connected to those you love. I know that all week you have been inundated with resolution advice for the New Year so here are my two cents- Forget about it. You Rock! You’re fine. Doing a great job. You learned a lot this year, managed […]

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Your Presence is Requested

Being present. Present is the buzzword of the season. My Facebook feed keeps reminding me that my kids need my presence more than presents. (Yeah, not on my kids list!) I used to hate the term self-esteem. Self esteem is a concept psychologists invented that seems to simply have most of us feeling worse about […]

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Natural Remedy- Unlimited Benefits

What if I told you there is a natural remedy that would help you be a great parent, have more patience, think more clearly, have a better sex life and even lose weight easier?  What if I told you this remedy has no side effects and is very inexpensive? Ok, let’s admit it…you’re skeptical. You […]

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Having “the talk” with your kids…about race

A few years ago, I was at a parade in my mother’s small Wisconsin town and my then 10 year old niece asked me what it was like for me to be somewhere where all the faces were like mine-white. You see she’s black and I and every single other face at the parade were […]

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