When All Else Fails… Remember to Breathe

Lessons from the mat

Sometimes I tell my clients that the only reason I work out is so that I can give them hell when they don’t. I am all about integrity.

I have a favorite yoga class I try to get to on Monday mornings. It allows me to start my week from a great place both physically and emotionally. The work on my mat is so much like the work I do with my clients.

This week people are forgetting to breathe. This week we are rushing and freaking and planning and way too much in our head, leaning into the future.

I know- you don’t really want to to remind you to slow down and check yourself. You’re overwhelmed- you don’t need someone yelling RELAX at you. But in yoga we learn that sometimes hearing our classmates breath is just what we need to pull us back into our body. In yoga we learn that once you stop breathing, your ego is running your practice. You are trying to prove something or look good or doubting yourself.  This week I will be breathing for you.

It isn’t easy. Therapy, personal development and yoga are life practices. What I do for an hour on the mat with great intention, with a wise woman leading and with community helps build the practice I take with me into the crazy world of rushing to Target and getting my kids out the door for school and managing my hurt feelings and facing my professional doubts and figuring out who to recover when I screw up with the people I am trying to serve. If I can remember to breathe when balancing on one foot, maybe I can remember to breathe when I forget to get the trash out on Friday morning.

Breathing slowly and mindfully brings our brain out of survival mode. Breathing with intention has our brain integrates our emotions and our body with our thinking.

Breathe when it seems impossible to breath.

Breathe when it seems like the last thing that will help.

Breathe when those around you can’t find their breath.

When you want to scream, breathe.

When you want to give up. breathe.

When you can’t imagine going on, breathe.

Uncomfortable, breathe.

May you have a lovely, crazy, busy, breath filled week. Namaste.


Oh… lean into the future a bit and check it out. I have posted my winter workshop schedule.


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