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The Price of Privilege- a rough month…year…decade…for men

I walk a fine line in my work. I want to honor and support all my clients. Most couples I see are heterosexual so that means there are two women in my office and one guy. And I know therapy is based in more traditionally female skill sets- vulnerability, communicating about feelings, focusing on relationships […]

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Postpartum Depression in Men- Filling those Huge Dad Shoes

Today is only February 9h- I can’t do Valentine’s Day yet. Here are some reruns.  The one about Loving Up Husbands for Valentines Day and the one about Loving Up Wives for Valentine’s Day. For the past 15 years, since my second was born,  I have been fascinated with the process of becoming a parent. Ok, in […]

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I Do Love Dads

Old Navy got into hot water over this Father’s Day t-shirt. (It says Happy Father’s Day with highlighting to reveal the true message- It’s (really) her day. Funny how a bunch of professionals let that get through but it pissed us real folks off right away. My father always reminded us (back in the olden […]

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